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About National Sheep Dog Trial Championships Canberra

Guide to the Trials

Our objectives are to:


Promote the welfare of sheep, dogs and humans.


Promote wide human interest in all classes of sheep dogs and to secure proper appreciation and recognition of their place and use in human society and industry.


Promote, in every way, the general improvement of the standard, breeding, working and exhibition of sheep dogs. 

Protecting the welfare of all involved

We all understand that the welfare of sheep, dogs and humans is everyone’s responsibility, from the yards and the field to the spectator areas and Showground facilities. Two sections of ‘Regulations and Field Rules for the National Sheep Dog Trials’ apply directly:

  • Section 11. If a dog should bite or in any way injure a sheep, such dog shall be disqualified and the competitor held responsible for any damage done to the sheep. Should a dog bark or snap at the sheep when they are stuck up, points may be deducted but the dog not be disqualified. 
  • Section 18.  If, in the opinion of the Judge or Committee, any person ill-uses his dog, that person will be subject to a fine and may be debarred from competing again at any trials conducted under these Rules. 

The Judge and/or the Committee will take appropriate action if anyone is found to be mistreating sheep, dogs or other human beings for the duration of the Nationals.