Triumph at the National Sheepdog Trial Championships: Dave Lacey and Brandshatch Tusker

Jul 1, 2024 | Spotlight on our Champions

The National Sheepdog Trial Championships are a prestigious event in the world of sheepdog trialing, drawing top handlers and their exceptional dogs from across the country. This year’s competition saw Dave Lacey and his talented dog, Brandshatch Tusker, clinching a commendable third place. Dave’s journey to this achievement is marked by dedication, mentorship, and an unbreakable bond with his dog.

Ensuring Peak Performance

Dave Lacey’s preparation for competitions centres around the well-being of his dogs. “To prepare for a competition, I ensure my dogs are fit and healthy,” Dave emphasises. This focus on fitness and health is fundamental, ensuring that Brandshatch Tusker is always in prime condition to perform at their best.

Mentorship and a Love for Trialing

Dave’s passion for sheepdog trialing was sparked through his work in the horse racing industry. A keen horseman, Dave met a successful trainer at the races who introduced him to the world of sheepdog trialing and became his mentor. This guidance was instrumental in shaping Dave’s skills and deepening his commitment to the sport.

The Importance of Bonding

A cornerstone of Dave’s success is the strong bond he has developed with Tusker. “A good bond with your dog is very important, so as your dog wants to please you,” Dave explains. This connection is vital in sheepdog trialing, where trust and communication between handler and dog can make all the difference in competition.

Advice for Aspiring Handlers

Dave is passionate about supporting new handlers entering the world of sheepdog trialing. His advice is straightforward and encouraging: “Attend training clinics, ask for help, and do not get discouraged.” These steps are crucial for beginners to build their skills, gain confidence, and navigate the challenges of the sport.

Looking Ahead to Future Competitions

The future looks bright for Dave and Brandshatch Tusker. They are eagerly anticipating the Supreme Australian Championships in Geelong in September. Additionally, Dave is honoured to represent Victoria at the Australian Dog of the Year Championships in Port Fairy in January 2025. These upcoming events are opportunities for Dave and Tusker to showcase their skills and continue their success on larger stages.

A Journey of Dedication and Success

Dave and Brandshatch Tusker’s impressive third-place finish at the National Sheepdog Trial Championships is a testament to their hard work, strong partnership, and the mentorship that guided them. Their story is an inspiration to the sheepdog trialing community, demonstrating that with dedication, a solid bond, and the right support, great achievements are possible.

As Dave and Tusker prepare for their next challenges, their journey serves as a beacon of perseverance and excellence in the world of sheepdog trialing. Their future endeavours in Geelong and Port Fairy are eagerly anticipated, and the community will undoubtedly be cheering them on.